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Approach teachers through every possible medium

Free PR and a free email campaign using personal email addresses, at the start of next term

It is a fact of life that some teachers read all their incoming emails, some are avid users of news services on the internet, and some still prefer to be addressed by post.

But of course it is difficult, costly and time-consuming to cover all three media.

Which is why we occasionally offer a special programme in which you can send out a leaflet to schools at under a quarter of the normal cost and at the same time get a free personal email campaign to the teachers of your choice and be listed on the leading on-line news service that teachers use.

The next occasion all this happens is with the shared postal mailing to all secondary schools in the UK on 16 September which comes with a free email campaign to the teacher of your choice, using personal email addresses of teachers.

But before you think - that’s a month away - I would like to point out that we do need the printed material a week before that day; two weeks before if you are asking us to print the leaflets for you.

In the shared postal mailing service your leaflet travels to schools with those of other organisations.  On the top of the pack is a letter to the school administrator from the School of Educational Administration and Management, the leading body representing the interests of school administrators.

Apart from the latest news to administrators (which is what encourages them to open the pack and read the letter) the leaflet also provides a list of the leaflets enclosed and a request to pass them on.

If you have never been in a shared postal mailing before, please do call and we’ll be pleased to send you a copy of a recent shared mailing pack.

But you won’t just get your leaflet in the shared mailing pack.  You will also be able to have an email sent free of charge to the personal email address of teachers of your choice - you can see the full set of options we have on our emailing website.

And you can safely ignore the price structure because if you are in the shared postal mailing, there’s no charge.

In addition you will get your message on UK Education News - the prime rolling news service used by teachers - plus as a bonus your full advertisement listed on Teacher News or Parent News or one of our other news services, as you wish.

There is information about the whole service on the shared mailing webpage, including samples of adverts that have worked particularly well - including details of exactly why the advert was constructed in that particular way.

And as if a free email and a free listing on UK Education News were not enough, we can also offer to print 5000 copies of your black on white leaflet for £10 when you book into this package.

The key point to remember is that if you want us to print your leaflet we need the artwork by 2 September, and if you are printing it yourself we need the printed leaflets no later 9 September with the mailing going out on 16 September.

The cost of one leaflet in the pack is £450, which is 9p per teacher. The cost of two leaflets (which can be to two different teachers if you wish) is £575 which is under 6p per teacher. For this price your leaflet/s reach 5000 schools, and you get the complete email campaign and the PR campaign included in the price.

If you have any questions please do call 01536 399 000 or email Chris@hamilton-house.com.

Just a final point: this is the last shared postal campaign at the current prices.  After this one, unfortunately the price will be going up.

Here is a summary of the upcoming dates

  • 2 September: schools in England and Wales return
  • 2 September: art work needed if we are being asked to print your leaflet for the shared mailing
  • 9 September: printed material for the shared mailing required
  • 16 September: mailing despatched to 5000 secondary schools.

We also have shared mailings to primary schools and early years settings.  Please call for details.

Tony Attwood




We work hard to ensure that you only receive emails that are relevant to you delivered to your email address.  If you would prefer to receive emails at a different or additional address or if you have any other comments please let us know by replying to this email.  If you do not wish to receive further emails from us please click on this link  If you choose not to do this we will take it that you are willing to receive emails from us until such time as you indicate that your preferences have changed.

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