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The most powerful schools marketing combination

Some teachers read the post, some read emails, some read the internet.  Only one approach reaches all three.

When you undertake a postal shared mailing with a free email campaign with Hamilton House we also offer you a free listing on UK Education News.

But, you may ask, is that anything to get particularly excited about?  A free email campaign with a postal shared mailing is one thing, but what is so special about the free UK Education News listing?

Well, the great thing about the free listing is that it represents a rare opportunity to ensure that you reach teachers no matter what medium they prefer to use.  You reach them with a leaflet, you reach them with an email, and you appear on the leading education news accumulator site.

So, given that we have just a few days before the next Post + free email + free internet campaign (the postal mailing is on October 14th, with the printed materials required by October 7), I thought I would explain further.

UK Education News (www.ukeducationnews.co.uk) is the prime rolling education news service in this country. If you haven’t seen it, do click on the link and have a look.

On the site you’ll find a list of headlines – some of which are links to news stories that appear on our major national papers, while others lead you into advertisements.

Typically the site is read by teachers, and amazingly the average amount of time spent on the site per reader per day is about 35 minutes. This shows that the readers look at the list of headlines, click on a story and read it, and then come back to the headlines, choose a second story and so on.

Headlines start at the top of the screen and gradually make their way down as other stories appear above – most stories last on the site about a week.   The average story gets read about 700 times. 

So using this approach you find that you reach the teachers who read leaflets by getting your leaflet in the shared mailing pack; the teachers who read their emails will see your message via email (which we will send out free of charge via our personal email lists); and the teachers who focus on the internet will see your advert on UK Education News. 

It is a unique and remarkably powerful combination. Indeed I don’t know any other company that offers such a method of advertising – especially not for just 9p per teacher (less if you provide us with different leaflets to reach two different teachers).

The cost of the whole package of shared postal mailing, email and UK Education News internet advertising is £450 if you put one leaflet in the postal campaign or £575 if you want two leaflets included. That's between 9p and 5.7p per school.

The only extras are VAT and a surcharge if your leaflet (or the two leaflets together) weigh over 15g together.

As for the free email – you can choose to use any of our secondary school personal email lists which are shown on our Email lists site.

This is the last post + email + internet campaign offer until November 4, so if you are interested I would recommend getting the leaflets printed and booking your place in the mailing as soon as possible. 

There is more information on our Shared Mailing site at www.shared.org.uk  But if you have any questions please do call 01536 399 000 or email Chris@hamilton-house.com

I do hope you’ll try this post + email + internet offer.

Tony Attwood



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