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Simple Advertising 1-2-3

What is the simplest way to create a highly effective advertising campaign?

Step One: You select the product or service that you want to promote. It might be something big or something little. Something plain, something fancy. A text book, an item of nursery school furniture, a computer program, a visitor centre…

Step Two: You set out the details of that product or service. Most likely you’ll already have these on your website or in a catalogue, so there’s nothing much to do here.  Just find the page or the details.

Step Three: Consider any special issue you want to feature. A new upgrade, a special giveaway, free delivery. There doesn’t have to be a special feature (and indeed most of the adverts that go into schools don’t have such a feature), but you need to have it in mind if there is one.

Now you’ll realise that these three steps really are dead simple. You select the product, look up the details, think of anything special you want to add, and that’s that.

So what’s left?

Well, if you are a Velocity customer, nothing except sending the result of your 1-2-3 deliberations to Hamilton House. From that point on we write the email and send it over to you to check, and if you are happy, we then send it out to the teachers you want to reach.

Meanwhile, if we think the advertising could take a different turn, we’ll come to you with our suggestions for some research or maybe the results of an analysis of your competitors’ adverts, again with our suggestions.  Or we might suggest that your landing page needs changing; if so, we’ll tell you why and if you agree, we’ll write a new page.

So really, apart from approving the copy, and later seeing the results, there isn’t much else to do at all.

Obviously, if you already have an advertising or marketing director in place, there might be the thought that you don’t need this sort of service. But there’s still a benefit to be had. We don’t have to write the emails for you or give advice. Instead we can send out more of the adverts you produce, using our lists of teachers’ personal email addresses.  

Velocity really is as simple as 1-2-3. You just decide the product, send us your basic information on it, and tell us about any special feature you want. We do all the rest – and you just say “yes” or “no” as we go along.

(And just as a spot of assurance, people don’t often say no. Not because we are frightening people that you don’t want to have a row with. But rather because we really are rather good at what we do.)

There is a lot of information about Velocity Education on our website. But rather than read all about it you can, if you wish, call 01536 399 000 and talk to us to see how it could work for you.

If nothing else, we can most certainly take a lot of work off your hands.

If you have any questions that you want to put in writing, please do email my colleague Laura, who is head of our Velocity programme. She’s at: Laura@hamilton-house.com

Tony Attwood



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