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Marketing without energy

Is it really possible to organise a company’s advertising to schools without having a team of people working with you?

Indeed it is - and indeed that is what many people do with Hamilton House. 

Quite simply, these companies tell us the product or service they want to promote and to whom they want to promote it, and we do the rest.

We write the advert, organise the emailing out, and then, once it is done, send our client a report of the number of people who have opened the email and how many clicked through to the landing page.

All our clients have to do is tell us how many sales or enquiries they got as a result of this, and then we make a recommendation as to what to do next.

For example, if sales are going well, and the figures our system generates suggest the same, then fine - more of the same type of advertising is suggested.  We re-write the advert but otherwise we keep the system going.

But if sales have not been as good as hoped, we’ll come back with the answers as to why.

If sales are not good, then one possibility is that people have been reading the email, going to the website, but then not buying.

That suggests that there is something amiss with the website.  We’ll suggest a re-write of that page on the website, and if this is agreed, we’ll do it.

Or let’s consider something different. We always suggest that the companies we work with should have a list of past customers and past enquirers.  But not everyone has this.  So we help to make it happen.

We can set up a system which makes lots of potential customers write in, and thus give the company their email address.  We can also gather these addresses, type them up onto a database, and run that mailing list from time to time.

“But”, say some company directors, “we can do a lot of this ourselves.”.  Fine - we just slot in where required.  Some companies simply like to use our mailing lists, and because they do this regularly they get a discount of around 50% on our normal prices - and first choice of the dates.

The point is - whatever you want, you can get it through advertising via the Velocity programme.

If you want Hamilton House to make recommendations, write and send emails, and so on, that’s fine.

If you want to do it yourself but just use our email lists, you can do this - and of course get much wider access to our lists, for the same amount of money.  It really is up to you.

If you just want us to write your blog, undertake resesarch into teacher attitudes to your area of work, or create some PR, that’s fine too.

There are details of the Velocity programme on our website.  Or, if you would like to explore any of these points further or indeed work out a unique advertising programme for you - with your full involvement or with you handing much of it over to Hamilton House - we can do it.

And what does it mean in terms of sales and enquiries?

Our job is to get you sales. More sales than you are getting now. More additional profit too. And that is what we do. Sometimes we can do it within a couple of weeks.  Sometimes it takes longer.  But we can do it.

Please do call 01536 399 000

Or email Laura@hamilton-house.com

Tony Attwood



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