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How come some leaflets get forwarded to teachers, and others don't

How come some leaflets get forwarded to teachers, and others don’t

The release of the information revealing which leaflets get past the school administrator and on to the teacher has encouraged a return to postal shared mailings.

I think it is fair to say that some time ago postal shared mailings were becoming less of a “must have” in education marketing.  Many companies that had used them as a very low cost way of reaching teachers (mostly under 10p per teacher reached) started to move across to emails, leaving the postal shared mailing behind.

What’s brought people back was the publication of the report into what makes a school administrator pass on one leaflet and not another – and indeed what makes the leaflet work once the teacher has got it.

(Of course there is also the fact that for some shared postal mailings we give everyone in the mailing a free email campaign to the personal email addresses of the teachers they want to reach.  With that you get both the low cost postal campaign and the free personal email campaign – a double hit.)

So postal shared mailings are back in fashion – and we’ve got three of some significance coming up. In each case the date given is the posting date. The delivery date for leaflets is given afterwards.

Secondary schools 4th November – the final postal mailing this term which gives all participants a free email campaign as well.  Delivery by 28 October.

Primary schools 11th November – the final primary school postal shared mailing this term.  Delivery by 28 October.

Secondary schools 18th November – the final secondary school postal shared mailing this term.   Delivery by 11 November.

More details – including a link to our free report on the issue of how to get school administrators to pass on your leaflet to the teacher of your choice, are given on The Shared Mailings Site

If you want to know any more please call 01536 399 000 or email Chris@hamilton-house.com

For all the details and prices of the postal shared mailing please click here

Tony Attwood



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