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Discount Friday: the new approach to emails

Curiously the day we find gives us a big response to emails is the day no one seems to want

If you read my occasional notes on direct marketing on Good Ad you might recall my recent piece on which day is the best day to email out.

Should you not want to click on the link and read the whole piece, I’ll give you a quick summary. 

Because most people won’t consider emailing on a Friday, we have kept our servers running on Fridays by advertising products for our three companies: First & Best, The Dyscalculia Centre and The School of Educational Administration and Management.

And would you believe it – we’ve been getting exciting results.

But, the dominant thought continues – Friday is no good.  Not because anyone I know has done any research into selling via emails on a Friday, but rather because everyone believes that Fridays are no good.

I think that the reason behind Fridays being good selling days is that people are looking forward to the weekend, and so welcome a distraction. They don’t want to start any new work, and they are not getting any emails in (because everyone believes that Fridays are no good) and so, they look in more detail at anything they do receive on a Friday.

Of course, just telling everyone that Fridays are good for you is not much use – everyone will believe we are just trying to sell some advertising slots that we can’t sell. So we have to offer an incentive.

And that incentive is now on the table: we’re going to make our secondary school personal lists available at half price on a Friday throughout this term.

Obviously this comes on a first come first served basis, and there is a limit to how many we can send out on a specific day, and of course we would not use one list twice on a day.  So if someone has booked the Head of Maths, for example, for a specific Friday, then that’s it, it has gone.

There is a list of all our secondary personal email addresses on our Emails website.  If you want to check on availability please do call 01536 399 000.   But please do note, we normally need to receive the copy to be sent out one week before transmission date.  If you want to email in a booking it is Chris@hamilton-house.com

Tony Attwood



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