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Postage goes up on March 31 but....



Postage goes up on 31 March, but we’re cutting our prices in April so you won’t have to pay a penny more.

Yes the cost of postage is going up again. So it is worth contemplating undertaking any postal mailing campaign that you are planning before the price rise at the end of this month.

However, if you can’t mail in March, don’t worry too much. For while the increase in the cost of postage for people who buy stamps is once again going to be 2p or 3p (depending on the service used) the increase in the cost of advertisements sent through the post will be around one half of one penny.

And better still, if you are not planning to undertake your postal campaign until April or May, although we can’t give you lower postage prices, we can reduce our own prices so that you don’t end up paying any more for your campaign.

All you have to do is let us have your material so that we can prepare it, ready to be posted, during April. It doesn’t have to go out until May – we just have to do the work in April.

If you want to undertake a postal campaign either now (to avoid the postal price increase) or with us undertaking the fulfilment at a discounted rate that removes the postage increase, please do call 01536 399 000 or email Chris@hamilton-house.com

Tony Attwood

Tony Attwood
Hamilton House Mailings Ltd

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