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New Head Teachers started in January



New Head Teachers started in January

We have a list of all those headteachers who joined new schools in January.

Experience shows that many of them take a little while to settle in and get the feel of their new school before spending money - and indeed most of them tend to take very little time off at Easter, using the time to catch up on all the issues that have arisen during their first term.

In all there are 180 new headteachers.  121 are in primary schools, 54 are in secondary schools and 6 in special schools.

The list is available for 10p an address for once only use, or 30p an address for a 12 month licence.

The data includes the name of the headteacher and address of the school.  The one year licence includes this data plus the generic email address of the school and the phone number of the school.  

On both the once use and one year options there is a £7.50 set up charge.  Data supplied as file sent as an email attachment has no delivery charge.  For data sent by post there is a delivery charge.

To place an order or if you have any enquiries please do call 01536 399 000.

Tony Attwood

Hamilton House Mailings Ltd reg number 2444392 VAT 354907535GB.  Phone 01536 399 000.

Tony Attwood
Hamilton House Mailings Ltd

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