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Free advertising of your school workshops



If you run any workshops in schools, you can advertise them free of charge with Hamilton House

The School Procurement Site (www.top5.org.uk) contains listings of around 1000 firms and organisations that provide services to schools divided into around 100 categories.

We are now launching a new category on the site, workshops, and we are currently accepting listings in the category free of charge. Adverts announcing the new category will be sent to schools in the coming weeks.

The new “Workshops” category is intended for any individual or company that goes into schools and undertakes work with groups of pupils and students. This work might take the form of story telling, circus skills, dance, motivational activities, forensic science, entrepreneurship, drumming and other musical experiences, etc.

The only requirement we have is that the experience for the pupils and students is interactive, rather than being a performance.

The free listing will contain up to 30 words of text explaining what you do. This can be followed by a note of which areas you work in, followed by the name and address of the company, and then its email address and website.

The free entry can be sent to us at any time up to 30 April. After that our normal charges will apply – although as always, if you buy into any of the main Hamilton House services such as emailing, postal direct mail, etc, you will be able to have an expanded entry here free of charge, along with entries on www.ukeducationnews.co.uk and the other sites we run.

To submit your free entry please send it as a Word file attached to an email, with the information set out in the following order:

  • Title of workshop*
  • Company name and address
  • Area of the country covered
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Website

* You can include either the title of a specific workshop or a generic title which reveals the type of workshops you offer.

Please email your free entry to Chris@hamilton-house.com with the phrase Workshop Free Listing in the subject line. 

If you have any enquiries please do call 01536 399 000.

Tony Attwood
Hamilton House Mailings Ltd

We work hard to ensure that you only receive emails that are relevant to you delivered to your email address.  If you would prefer to receive emails at a different or additional address or if you have any other comments please let us know by replying to this email.  If you do not wish to receive further emails from us please click on this link  If you choose not to do this we will take it that you are willing to receive emails from us until such time as you indicate that your preferences have changed.

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