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Sometimes it is just a case of a good idea

The way to stay in touch with teachers,
24 hours a day

One of the best ideas I have had in recent years can be seen at www.UKEducationNews.co.uk  

Even if it didn’t have a big audience I’d still like it as an idea simply because I use it every day. 

It is a rolling news service that picks up stories on education in general and schooling in particular as they appear on the BBC, the national press and in specialist publications.

It is linked to a lot of school websites, and large number of teachers read it regularly. 

In fact they do more than read it – our figures show that the average amount of time that a reader spends on the site is an astonishing 33 minutes. This confirms the notion that readers click onto an article, have a look round the site, find another article and so on.

For the past year or so we’ve been giving all our email and postal customers the chance to have their advert run as a news story without charge.  In fact, if you work your way down the list of articles you will find some adverts of this type.

Now we are offering this to all companies. If you would like to be listed on UK Education News you can be, either on its own or as part of our complete package of educational websites.

There are details of the whole package approach – which is remarkably low price considering the exposure you get – at http://www.top5.org.uk/Suppliers.html

If you would like to have just one advert placed as a news story on the rolling news service it will be £25.00   Please call Chris on 01536 399 000 for details.

And even if you don’t use the site as an advertising medium I do hope you do find it useful as a way of keeping up with educational news.

Tony Attwood



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