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Personal email lists at a discount



The three ways of using the powerful personal email lists of teachers – while paying less than the list price

Approaching teachers via their personal email addresses within the schools is one of the most effective methods of advertising to teachers.

Of late it has been made even more effective – a matter that I will come to in just a moment.   But first I’d like to dwell for a second or two on the regular discounts that are available.

There are three main discounts that we have:

First, there is the first time user discount of 30%.  If you haven’t used our personal email lists before, that discount is available for you – please just ask.

Second there is the discount for being flexible.  If you don’t specify which week you want the email to go out, but instead allow us to choose any of the next three weeks of term time to send out your email, and if you are able to pay up front, there is a discount of 50%.  

There is one other issue with stand by option, however, which I must mention, and that is that it is not available on every list.  All of our personal email lists are limited in their use (to stop teachers feeling they are being sent too much) and where we have a list that is approaching the maximum allowable use, stand by service is not available for that list.

As with all our services the best approach is to phone 01536 399 000 and check which lists are available at the 50% stand by discount.

Finally there is the special discount rate – also of 50%- which applies in school holidays, both half term and during the Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays.  Many teachers still access their personal school emails during this time, using mobile devices to read them at home, and will read through the few notices that they do get. Obviously you can choose when during the holiday period you want the advert to be sent – and I can add that this service is available on all lists.

There is one final point to note.  You’ll probably have realised that if you took all three discounts together that would mean we would end up paying you. I’m sorry to say we’ve tumbled that ruse, and the rule is that discounts can’t be combined.  I’d like to offer that, but can’t actually afford it.

But what I can offer is our bonus - a free listing on UK Education News (www.ukeducationnews.co.uk) for each advert we run, whether it is a discount advert or not.  All you have to do is provide us with a text only copy of your advert and we’ll run it. On average this will result in another 700 people reading the advert.

And to clarify this point, that means 700 people who see the headline and choose to click through to the advert because they find it of interest.  (So giving us a really good, attractive headline for the UK Education News listing is really important.)

A full list of our personal email lists is shown on our email web site as follows:

If you have any enquiries or want to make a booking please email Chris@hamilton-house.com or call 01536 399 000.

Tony Attwood

Tony Attwood
Hamilton House Mailings Ltd

We work hard to ensure that you only receive emails that are relevant to you delivered to your email address.  If you would prefer to receive emails at a different or additional address or if you have any other comments please let us know by replying to this email.  If you do not wish to receive further emails from us please click on this link  If you choose not to do this we will take it that you are willing to receive emails from us until such time as you indicate that your preferences have changed.

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