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Mail to teachers in early March for less than the price of postage

This is when local authority schools are looking to use up any left-over money. We believe it is a good time to mail.

The beginning of April sees the end of the financial year for around 2500 secondary schools and some 20,000 primary schools. Many will have some money left over that cannot be carried forward into the next year so this is an ideal time to contact them.

Our early March shared mailings (in which your leaflet travels to schools in a pack with about 10 items from other suppliers) are designed to arrive in these final few weeks of ‘use up’. Each company that puts a leaflet into one of our shared mailings will not only reach schools for far less than the cost of postage, but will also get a free personal email campaign and some free on-line listings.

If you have never seen a shared mailing pack please do call 01536 399 000 and we’ll send you a copy of a past pack.

Early March mailing dates and costs are as follows:

  • To all 5000 secondary schools: 7th March – Cost £435  
  • To the 5000 largest primary schools: 5th March – Cost £465
  • To the 10000 largest primary schools: 5th March - £795
  • To all 24000 primary schools:  5th March - £1625

Costs are based on a single insert, A4 size with a weight not exceeding 15g, If you wish to include additional inserts or have a heavier item please call 01536 399000.  But please note that for all these mailings we need your printed material with us by 28th February at the very latest.

The free offers

First, for secondary bookings we can send a free email to any of our personal email lists - the  list of lists is at http://www.emails.gs/Secondarynamedlist.html For primary bookings we can send a generic email to all 22,000 primary schools. If you wish to do this please include a text only copy of your advert and we will book it in.

Second, we can put a text-based version of your advert, free of charge, on www.ukeducationnews.co.uk – which on average will lead to another 700 teachers clicking on your headline and reading your advert.

Third, we can also give you a free listing in any section of our school resources directory: www.top5.org.uk – a website that is widely used by teachers searching for products and services.

There is a complete set of costs, including a breakdown of the cost per leaflet, for all of these promotions on http://www.shared.org.uk/pricesdates1314.html

If you have any enquiries please call 01536 399 000 or to make a booking email Chris@hamilton-house.com

Steve Mister
Hamilton House Mailings



We work hard to ensure that you only receive emails that are relevant to you delivered to your email address.  If you would prefer to receive emails at a different or additional address or if you have any other comments please let us know by replying to this email.  If you do not wish to receive further emails from us please click on this link  If you choose not to do this we will take it that you are willing to receive emails from us until such time as you indicate that your preferences have changed.

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