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Have you tried a bit of local?

How many schools are on your doorstep?

Despite being in an age when goods can whizz from one side of the world to another at great speed, it is a fact that many companies/people still like to buy their goods and services locally, perceiving advantages in so doing. 

It can be easier to build up a solid customer/supplier relationship when face to face communication is easy to achieve, and there can be a sense of added confidence in buying from someone who has a local reputation at stake - as well as a sense of virtue in supporting local business.

In this schools are no different. and many of our customers tell us that their order book is weighted in favour of orders from schools in and around their area.

It is easy for you to target these schools using our lists from which we can extract selections which meet your criteria - whether that is to select by area, county or individual postcodes, by school type (e.g. primary or secondary), by funding (e.g. private, state, academy, free school) or even by the number of pupils on roll.

There are no minimum orders on the list, you pay 10p per address for once only use data, 30p per address for a 12 month license plus a £7.50 set up charge. The number of schools on the list depends on your chosen selection.

You can see a full range of our lists at http://www.directmail.org.uk/School_lists1.pdf or see how schools can be selected by their funding http://www.directmail.org.uk/School_lists2.pdf

And there is no need to worry about contacting schools with which you already deal as with every order we will, completely free of charge, de-dupe (by postcode) your list against our master list and take out all the schools with which you are currently working.

If you would like to see how many schools there are locally to you please call 01536 399000 or email chris@hamilton-house.com with details of which schools you would like to contact and where and we will run a count and let you know.

Stephen Mister
Managing Director



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